CARe’s most recent 2007 wildfire litigation update generated a surprising response from some Witch, Rice and Guejito wildfire victims. Astoundingly, some fire victims, for whatever reasons, did not file lawsuits against SDG&E and Cox Communications.

This update is NOTICE to any Rice, Witch or Guejito fire victims who have not filed a lawsuit regarding the 2007 wildfire against SDG&E and Cox that you must act now—ASAP!

If you had fire damages and have not sued the parties responsible for your fire losses, you MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY OR FOREVER LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO SUE FOR ANY FIRE LOSSES. Even if you think you have no discernible damages you might think again before it is too late.

Since the 1994 Northridge earthquake, CARe has learned that attorneys with extensive experience, with appropriately documented and professionally presented cases, and with the financial resources to prosecute major litigation achieve the following successful results:

  • Earlier resolutions with better awards
  • Minimal costs and stress to clients
  • Clients can move on with their lives

We encourage anyone who has not filed a claim to immediately call CARe at 888-216-8264 if you have any questions or need to determine the best way to proceed with the rapidly approaching deadline. Be aware that some portions of your damages may not be available because of the expiration of some statutes of limitation.

I recently heard a disaster survivor talking about "EMDR" to help treat stress after a disaster and found a couple of snippets/websites that I thought you might find helpful if you wanted to start researching it. This particular survivor said:

"While focusing on the event or some part of it you move your eye from right to left repeatively, if not able to do it you can use your finger moving in front of your eyes and have your eyes follow your finger once you can do that (moving eye with out focusing on that) then continue to move eyes and focus on the traumatic event, and any emotions or the place in your body where you feel those emotions and any statement you say to your self usually about the event as you do this usually the image will change or emotions will change just allow that to happen and continue to move your eyes back and forth.

You can stop to rest them for a while and then just refocus on where ever you were before and continue to process, after awhile the emotions should shift and then recede, often the mental images change for a while and then are either not there, or not have the emotions attached to them.  Often are able to think about the original event very differently."


Websites you can use to start research are:

Okay, this is more of an interesting side note rather than a recovery tip, but it is very interesting! 

I was truly amazed by this. This is actual, archival, video footage shot right after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Internet Archives has placed this 23 minutes of film (23 minutes and 25 seconds to be exact) online. The film has many scenes depicting damage done by the earthquake and subsequent fire. The film even includes a 360-degree view of one severely damaged area. Equally fascinating, if not more so, are the people. Women in dresses and men in hats walking around, sitting in wagons, or standing in lines. I found it mesmerizing watching them move around.

It is so rare to see actual film footage from this period of time. Needless to say, the film is very old and somewhat damaged. In a number of places, the film rolls, which can be quite distracting. Toward the end, there are also a few repeated scenes. Despite the problems, this is definitely a film worth watching.


Take a look at the tips given by the Los Angeles Fire Department regarding Flood Recovery.

Many homeowners have found themselves forced to buy flood insurance after FEMA released new floodmaps at the begining of the year.

For more information on the maps, you can visit FEMA's website HERE.

For news coverage given by the LA Times, click HERE.

Inspirational Quotes

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.

Harry Golden


We can never thank you enough for all you have done for all of us and all of Lake Arrowhead - you are a blessing to us all.

Grass Fire Survivor, 2007